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« International conference: 8 and 9 February 2007
on the topic:
Health Promotion and Health Education:
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Call for presentation

The presentations will deal with various disciplines including epidemiology, social sciences, political sciences, medicine, community health and mental health and focus upon the following themes:
Policies and Health
The Impact of Health Promotion and Education upon Health
Evaluations and Methods

The call for abstracts will interest professionels as well as university researchers, the aim being to benefit from both approaches in order to draw some lessons that can be applied to the projects and the research in which the participants of the conference are involved.
All the proposals dealing with the topics that will be presented during these 2 days are admissible.

The call for abstracts relates to the 2 following topics of the workshops:
1. Education upon health and therapeutic education of the patient
2. Health promotion : Evaluation and methods

The presentation can be either an oral intervention in one of the workshops or be a poster (1.20m height and 0.90 m width) which will be exposed in the space planned for the pauses.

The official language of the conference will be French, however abstracts and posters can be written either in French or English.

Each proposal for a presentation should detail:

  • Name, first name, title and function of the authors,
  • Speaker,
  • Organization or institutions,
  • Complete correspondence details (address, phone, fax, e-mail, website),
  • Abstract of the presentation (350 words minimum),
  • Preference: poster or oral presentation.

You can send your abstracts to pses.communications@crp-sante.lu

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